Priestess Session 

Hello- 2022 showed me that my role within this community goes beyond hair, reaching farther into the realms of ritual and initiation. Over the past few years I have been quietly and diligently training and practicing in the arts of ceremony, restorative justice, conflict transformation, officiation, psychedelic journeying, power dynamics, pleasure, consent, the feminine spiral and blood cycle, birth/death support, and guiding people through new identity emergence.

I come with a non-judgmental earth-bound and creative approach to supporting people through change and this is the work I am here on this planet to do. For those of you who have sat in my chair for haircuts, you already know this about me. Now I am taking it into the next realms- Hair was the doorway that I needed to step through to get to deeper Transformation and Healing of individuals and living systems. ( And yes I am still doing hair as well! )

I am now offering my services as a Guidess //  Priestess for anything ranging from creating simple rituals to support your life, initiating life chapter changes, blood cycle consulting, creating and officiating ritual and ceremony to mark important life moments, space holding for new identity emergence, life-path consulting, power dynamic shifting support, navigating consent, money magic, professional and personal alignment, asking for what you want, creativity consulting, navigating through bottle necks, birth/death/sex ritual creation, raising rates, and personal and professional transformation. These 1.5 hr sessions will be held in person for Seattle area residents, and on zoom for all others.

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Brush Ritual


I will also be adding a new Brushing Ritual offering, and hour long experience in the FYH salon where we can weave any of the above themes into a sensory ritual where I oil, brush and braid your hair as we journey together through whatever theme and territory is needed for you to be witnessed in.

We will set an intention for your session, allow for anything that may come up to move within the safe space, let go what is no longer needed, and braid it all together into form on your crown so you can wear it in the world. If your hair is not braidable, or you are bald, no problem. We will find a different way together that meets the same need and desire.

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