The Alchemy of Change E-Course


The Alchemy of Change E-Course

The Alchemy of Change is a vibrant and inviting multi-chapter printable PDF e-book filled with valuable FREE YOU HAIR wisdom, experience and theory, with a separate corresponding workbook of practices and prompts for you to engage with the work and begin to weave it into your own life, practice and professional offerings and transform your career. This course also includes a short video that was created to give you the feel of sitting in my chair.

Cost : 333$

This course consists of an intro/approach chapter, and  5 modules of teachings on:

  • Transformation/ Initiation and Ritual behind the Chair
  • The Art of FYH Consultation
  • Making the Cut/ Non-Toxic Beauty Communication
  • Space/ Energetic Tools and Boundaries
  • Valuing your own Time and Service/ Raising your Rates

The e-course is 50 pages total, with a corresponding workbook which is 19 pages of practices to engage with, which will take you deeper into the work.


How it works

You will read through each chapter of the course, following the corresponding prompts in the workbook and practicing each new concept on your own in, in your own time.

*You can do this course on your computer, but I recommend printing it off and engaging with it in physical form.

This course is meant to be worked on and considered slowly, not in a race to consume as much of it as possible at at time……The information is big and expansive and meant to be slowly practiced and intuitively integrated. Please take your time with it and do not try and do too much at once. It may take a year for you to get through it and that is okay. It may take a month. The slower you go, the deeper it gets in. If you find yourself overwhelmed, slow down. What matters most is that you commit to doing all of it, and then find your own pace.

My recommendation is that you start by pacing your course with one module every week and see how that feels to you. You can speed it up or slow it down from there. The more time you have to sit with/ practice each new concept, the better it will be.

Know that you do not have to do this course in a linear way. If a concept or idea doesn’t grab you or interest you as you work through the book, skip it and move on. Come back to it later. Engage with the parts that grab you first. Consider and practice them. They will lead you to new parts. Keep circling back. This is your journey.

Ordering and E-Course Delivery Instructions

After making your purchase, you will receive a confirmation with a link to access course.

In this email you will find a link to enter password FYHALCHEMY ( all caps) which will bring you into the Alchemy of Change Portal, where you will find welcome instructions, your Alchemy of Change e-Book, and your workbook in color and grayscale. They will be in PDF form, simply click on them to access.  Please make sure you read the welcome email! it will give you instructions. 

If you do not receive an email confirmation upon purchase, check your spam.

The password is FYHALCHEMY

all caps!


By purchasing course, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Please read our e-course privacy policy and terms and conditions page here.  

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