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The Deva Curl method

While working at Vain in downtown Seattle, I was trained in the Deva Curl method of cutting and maintaining curly hair. It was an awesome eye-opening experience for me. It broke down hair beliefs that had been taught to follow and allowed me to persue a much more natural and freeform approach to hairdressing.

It was like getting permission to do what  had always believed in my heart about hair…….That each head of hair is unique and each haircut should be customized. That creating the right shape and using the appropriate method of texturizing on each head will bring out what is naturally beautifull and unique about the hair. That a haircut should make a persons life easier and more in line with who they are.

The Deva Curl method helped me with my own hair as well. As a person with hair that lingers in the gray zone between wavy and curly, I learned that the less I shampooed my hair, the curlier it would be. Moisture is what makes curls work. When moisture is removed, curls get fuzzy and limp. Using a conditioner as a shampoo regularly, and then shampooing for real once a week or so, my hair came alive with curl and texture.

When I pass this knowledge on to my curly clients, their first concern is that their hair will feel greasy and get that scalp smell that we have all been trained to fear. To that I say when you put the conditioner in your hair, brush it through thouroughly with a paddle brush to help slide the oil from your scalp into your ends, where it is needed. This will leave your scalp feeling fresher but without stripping your hair of the natural build-up that it needs to be happy. 100 % of people I pass this tip on to find that it gives them great results.

I also always suggest that my curly clients invest in a Q-Redew steam wand to shorten their styling time in between shampoos.

Here is a video of Lorraine Massey, founder of the Deva Curl method and product line doing a Deva Curl Cut.

Some photos of recent Deva cuts of done….

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