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A shout out to the Paddle Brush

Little known fact about sweat and oil glands-If you try to undermine them, they will come back with a vengeance.

Example: When your hair feels oily, greasy, dirty, at the scalp and dry on the ends, you might be inclined to reach for the shampoo bottle and strip all that away with a thorough washing. That stripping of oils from the scalp and hair sends signals to your sweat and oil producing glands to kick it up a notch and produce more, to keep your hair and scalp at its homeostasis, which means its natural balance. (Believe it or not, your hair is not suppose to be that clean.)

So now, you are prolonging and continuing the cycle of supply and demand, stuck like a hamster on a wheel. This is not a sustainable hair practice.

Enter, the Paddle Brush. My challenge to you is to substitute one shampooing a week for a thorough vigorous paddle brushing. Before you jump in the shower, brush your scalp from all angles, upside down, side to side. (It feels so good!) Then, again while you are in the shower, brush it while standing under the water.

This will take that oil from your scalp where it has built up, and slide it into those drier and more porous ends where it can be easily absorbed and help to restore your hair to actual health, not synthetic health. Try it and let me know what you think! It works wonders for my hair. I Love the Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Paddle Brush, personally.

Thanks again for checking out How to hair girl. XO!

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