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Button up, braids!

buttI pulled out Grandma Honey’s old box of buttons yesterday, to look through with my daughter. Got pretty stoked on some of them, many that looked like they were probably from the turn of the century.

What can I do with these things? I pondered. I don’t knit or sew much, I guess I could make earrings with some of them. Hair accessories? Sure…why not??

I think this would be a cute little style idea for kids, and I was also thinking DIY weddings (check out Offbeat Bride!), offbeat bridal hair, maybe using tiny pearly buttons. FUN!

So, I made a couple tiny braids, and with a needle and thread, sewed buttons in securely and voila! Lot’s of style potential here.

And, I made you a tutorial video. Enjoy!

Love, How to hair girl.

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