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Intro to The Razor!

Razoring hair is both fun and easy. It is best for fine to medium, straight hair. Coarse and curly hair is a no-no for razors, in my opinion.

Razoring is fantastic for creating piece-y and shattered ends, and removing weight. It creates a softer line than a blunt cut with the shears. Razor cuts move beautifully, and maximize texture.

Shown in this video are the first two things you need to learn about razoring. Remember, start slow and get a feel for the amount of pressure you need to use, the tension to hold the hair at, and the angle of the razor, which can be manipulated to create different cutting effects. I LOVE my cheap Personna razor with a guard, that I ordered at Sally Beauty. Be sure to get some extra straight razor inserts, as one blade should only be used for one haircut. Sharp blades are a must.

Please use a razor with a guard. I recommend the Personna razpr. No frills, it’s cheap, it works. To load it, carefully take your blade and slide it into the razor, and then even more carefully, slide your guard over the blade and your read, Edward razorhands.

And be on the lookout for some fun razored cut tutorials, coming at you soon from your friend, How to hair girl.


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