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Growing out your bangs

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 2.12.03 PMGrowing out your bangs is a tricky thing. Especially when you have short and thick ones.

My dilemma is always that when the rest of my hair gets to a length that i’m bored by, I turn to bangs to freshen up my ‘do. I generally go pretty dramatic, and get an instant fix by the transformative powers of bangs that be. Then, after a month or two, i’m over the bangs and I want them gone.

Although it never works as fast as I would like (still waiting to find that hair-growth potion) there tends to be a good general M.O. for growing them out.

First, Thin them out at the ends. Make them nice and choppy and wear em that way untill they hit your brows.  Then, start wearing them to the side until they reach your nose, thinning them out a bit every couple of weeks as you go. Now, blend them in with your face framing layers, and start wearing them parted in the middle. When you can almost tuck them behind your ears you are basically in the clear.

Here is a little DIY bang trim tutorial to get you on your way growing out.

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