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Hair rant of the day

Why did hair in the 50’s always look so shiny, healthy, and pretty? This was before the hair product industry was as big and influential as it is today.

That is not to say that hair products themselves haven’t come a long way, because they have for sure. I just like how in the old days, women would wash, set, laquer, and wear their style for many days at a time, then brush it out and start over. So simple, so pretty.

Besides the fact that many women visited the beauty parlor weekly, In the 1950’s, women did not shampoo their hair daily. But what they did do was brush their hair thoroughly at least once a week with Mason Pearson type brush.

Here is my rant of the day: If we all had a good brush that we used several times a week to thoroughly brush our hair( I love the paddle brush) and shampooed our hair less often, we would collectively have more shiny, healthy, beautiful hair.

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  1. Mr. Brown

    My mother never washed her hair! Her “girl” washed and set it every Friday at the beauty parlor, then lacquered it up so it would be perfect for another week.

  2. Carla

    I disagree. I don’t think hair was ever healthier than it is today. Actually, the lacquer in the hairsprays of the 60s gave the hair a doll-like finish–a little TOO shiny and artificial looking. We’ve gone from Prell, Tame and Aqua-Net to sulphate-free shampoos, targeted conditioners/treatments and wonderfully touchable hair even after a shot of brushable hairspray. My Aunts’ and grandmother’s hair was hard as a rock and smelled bad in the sixties (as did a few of my teachers’ hair, too)

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