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How-to make long man hair more masculine

I will start by saying that I do not like the stereotyping of gender norms. I believe that anyone should be able to wear their hair in any way without being ‘pegged’ as anything but who they are. But that being said, I am often asked this question by men. ‘How can I make my long hair more manly?’

It took me many years to find an answer for this question. Then, I married a long haired man. I had an ‘aha!’ moment while putting the finishing touches on his every-3-months maintenance trim and shape up. It’s about accentuating the sideburns, while cleaning up around the edges.

Many long haired men struggle with finding the balance between being sexy wild beasts, and suit wearing polished dudes, and are often pegged as hippies or metal heads, or mentally ill. I am here to tell you that you can be all of these things if you want, but there is a way to polish it, while still putting the “man stamp” on it!

Meet Manly Dan, long haired manly man. He is a perfect example of handsome, rugged, and polished. His hair could be any length with the right manscaping, and he would still look manly yet ready for the office.

Thank you Dan!

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