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HTHG top curl product picks go to…..

I tend to be a product minimalist when it comes to hair. I believe that for most curls, the less you shampoo, and then load the hair back up with gunk, the healthier it will be naturally. I have a theory and a regimen that I recommend to all my curl clients.

That being said, there are a couple products that I have encountered that are truly amazing for curls. The first one is-

1. Set it free spray by Deva. This is a miraculous spray that somehow magically creates perfectly seperate, shiny, bouncy, happy curls. Flip your head upside down and spray it all over, shake, and go!



2. Motion Lotion by KM. Fantastic light weight moisturizing lotion for curls. Sort of a curl creme/leave in conditioner hybrid. Apply to damp hair, scrunch, let dry. 







3. Born again masque, by KM. A super moisturizing treatment masque. To restore incredible softness and suppleness to curls. Apply once a week in the shower to your ends, comb through, and let sit a couple minutes before you rinse out.






4. Low-poo by Deva. A sulphate and irritant free low-lather shampoo for a once-a-week cleansing, without stripping the much needed natural oils your hair. Leaves hair soft and fresh, but not fluffy and fly-away.


5. Nutiva coconut oil. Work this lightweight oil in your hands and work it into mid strand and ends before you head to the beach to moisturize and protect your hair from the elements. Here are some of it’s benefits… 

These products are tried and true by HTHG, and I stand by their awesomeness. They will moisturize, protect, nourish, and spoil your curls.


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