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Right again, GRAND-ma Suzi.

I love my grandma. She is a woman of high standards, and low tolerance for germs. She took the time to read my Grandma Suzi’s Pincurls post and watch the video, and sent me a bit of feedback that i’d like to share with you because as usual, Grandma makes a good point;)

Forgive me. I’m still learning to do right. I filed this one under ‘tools’ because it points out the proper use of certain tools, as well as some safety measures.

Dear Roxie Jane,

You are doing a great job with you hair info.
I loved the bobby pin one.
I know you are not looking for criticism, but I just need to say that using ones teeth for opening bobby pins, is asking for disaster.
  1. Could easily chip the front tooth
  2. Could get all kinds of bacteria in mouth.
It is easy to hold out the thumb of left hand(if one is rt. handed to put in the pins)  or the fore-finger to open the pins.
Hope you do not think your grandmother is too negative, but it seems like an important detail to me.
Much love to you all,
Looking forward to seeing you all this summer.
Right back atcha, grandma.

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