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Updating Sage

When the southern heat and starts creeping in, the instinct is to get rid of everything extra that adds heat to your body. As little clothing as possible, cotton only, please.

Thick dark haired ladies like Sage start to think about shaving their heads, unless they happen to have a good friend who is a hairdresser and always looking for a good story.

I like to think I saved her from her clippers by giving her a very light and easy haircut to get her through the summer. But Sage doesn’t need saving. She’s been doing the shave it, grow it long, shave it, grow it long thing her whole life.

I managed to intercept the process with my shears and comb, and basically gave her a short ponytail shag-bob, then I used my weight removing technique for curls, and then some short betty bangs, which I will soon be demo-ing to my premium subscribers, so be on the lookout.


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