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Nikki Love

Here is Nikki. She is my friend from forever ago. When I first met her, she had long purple hair and a tongue ring. I cut her hair really short and made her look like a cute little pixie boy, but she still loved me. She is a creative genius. She is the wizard behind Nicolia Jacoby Designs,  dynamic and gorgeous cutout metal jewelry.




I recently shared my gorgeous twisted summer style tutorial with her and she took it to the next level and did this with her hair, which I think is just fab. Here is the tutorial for this hairstyle…








Nikki has been a creative muse for me since she moved to Arkansas to live with me for a year and help me raise my baby. She brought her jewelry studio with her, and together we started Mayapple Salon and Boutique and designed some amazing jewelry. She was metal, I was feathers. We sold these creations in the boutique at Vain, Seattle’s baddest ass salon.





This summer will be rich with Nikki/Roxie HTHG collabs featuring her hair, my hair, her jewelry and input, and who knows what else. When we get together, magic happens.

Check out Nikki/HTHG collaborations?

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infinity twist

snake charmer

3 perfect DIY bride hairstyles.

Sci-fi hair



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