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Short hair….What style is right for you?









I’ve been scheming on this post for a while. Cutting your hair short is a big deal, especially if it is your first time.

I am a believer that there is a short haircut that is right for every face shape, hair texture, body type, and lifestyle. Before you take the plunge, It is important to understand your options and consider a couple of key points about short hair.

These first 4 photos are examples of short haircuts that have soft and feminine elements to them. How to make a short haircut look more feminine?…

  • No blunt lines
  • Angled slightly so that the back is a bit shorter than the front.
  • Texture and softness in the ends and all around the perimeter
  • Whispy around the ears
  • More length around the face
  • Not parted, but pushed across the forehead from the crow.
  • These cuts tend to grow out really nicely and be very low maintenance.
  • Soft, simple, and natural inspired color.
  • Good for a natural, low maintenance girl who likes to be feminine without the fuss.
  • They are great for wavy and curly haired ladies, and all face shapes.
  • Great for bigger girls.
  • The razored ponytail bob!

If you are wanting something edgier, you are looking at more styling, and trimming and shaping.  High maintenance, but also high fashion and makes a statement.

Edgy hair tends to be…

Modern and trendy short hairstyles are…

  • Shorter around the edges, but still point cut to add softness.
  • Heavy texturized fringe around the face
  • Slightly discheveled.
  • Much shorter in the back than the front.
  • Swept across the face from a very deep side part.
  • Need at least an every 8 week shape up.
  • Great for a modern woman who wants a versatile look that makes a statement.
  • Hipster pixie chic, another HTHG DIY cut idea.









Androgynous short haircuts are very in these days. They work best on people who are very comfortable with themselves and don’t mind standing out. They tend to be…

  • More uniform in their length.
  • More square and harsh, instead of rounded and soft.
  • Pretty clean and short around the ears and back.
  • Squared off, heavy fringe.
  • Good for a confidant style chameleon, or a woman that wants to look dude-like.
  • Hipster hangover
  • How to cut your husbands hair on a lady!












Flirty short hair Is basically modern and trendy, but with…

  • A bit more length around the ears and face, with slight disconnection.
  • Lots of texture and separation
  • Pieces of hair that graze the eyes, creating a seductive peek-a-boo effect.
  • Great for flirty single ladies who want a hip style with a come-hither element.
  • The Razored pixie, an HTHG cut.

And at last, short hair mistakes. Try and avoid these mistakes….

  • Cuts that look like someone set fire to the back of your head.
  • Bad color job and bad cut.
  • The wrong clipper attachment.
  • DIY styles that could poke your eye out or injure another person.
  • I also want to add that the fallacy that big girls shouldn’t wear short hair is totally wrong. Any of these hairstyles would look fab on a big girl. Fat girls+short hair=hot!

















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  1. Nerdy~

    I’ve been trying to do some research on cutting hair short(for the first time) and this is one of the most helpful posts I have found! I just wanted to say thank you!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      you are most welcome! thanks for visiting:)

  2. Mary Palazzolo Davis

    I keep telling myself “doooo it; cut it aaaaall off” but I love my long hair, am I ready to commit? Could it be time? Ugh, but I love my bangs! And I’m a total chubster…what if I look horrible, what if the hair stylist totally makes it look horrendous?!

    Then, I saw Me. Goodwin! Confidence, ahoy! I think it’s finally. Time!

    1. Mary Palazzolo Davis

      I cut off a foot! I’m so proud of myself…the beautician I went to kinda scared me into not going shorter, but this chin length makes me feel like a badass. Can’t wait to find someone willing to help me go shorter. 🙂

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