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HTHG and shear giveaway!

HTHG is excited to announce an exciting opportunity for a lucky reader to win an awesome pair of 6 inch Joewell S4 series hair shears, with a case! this is the perfect pair of hair cutting shears to start you on your way to DIY hair cutting. Is a fantastic resource for all of your tools for DIY hair cutting. They are an independent beauty supply company  that HTHG is excited to partner up with. Follow them on Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with what they are doing.

To enter the HTHG and shear giveaway, please ‘like’ HTHG and mysalontools on Facebook, and comment on this post, telling HTHG what you plan to do with your new shears:)

The winner of this giveaway will be announced on Saturday, July 28th.

Happy cutting!


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  1. Paige Knorst

    I plan on giving them to my cousin as a present for graduating beauty school – and hopefully getting a fun new do from her soon after!

  2. Throuthehaze

    I like both on Facebook: Rae Pavey
    I would use these trim my hair 🙂

  3. Kara

    Cut my family’s hair!

  4. Ki Ip

    cut/trim my bangs or attempt to cut my friends’ hair! hahaha 🙂

    i liked both fb pages as Ki Ip

    vanillakaren (at)

  5. Rya

    I would use them to replace my old pair of shears from the beauty supply store and try a star pattern cut on one of my girls.

  6. Britt Namken

    Oh wow!! Incredible! I’d use these 6inch Joewell shears to use it with new cutting techniques learned by you, the how-to hair girl! I’ve wanted to try the longer length shears, and would be so thrilled to have the luck to do so. I’m a working cosmetologist myself and have found you really inspiring. I am not able to ‘like’ the facebook pages, I don’t have facebook, but i’d like to follow them on twitter if that works as well. thanks!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Thanks so much for visiting! I’m glad you like the blog:) are there any subjects or styles you would like to see on HTHG? do you have any tricks or styles to share? Let me know. I’ve got a bunch of family in South Dakota, BTW.

  7. Britt Namken

    I find it easy to do ‘swoopy side swept bangs’ by taking the bangs and make the parting and pulling it opposite way they lay, ‘T’ (parallel) to the parting and snip the end (if that makes sense?) and comb back and they will fall gracefully, I typically always snip into the ends by breaking them up so they aren’t so blunt, sometimes with shears/razor/thinning shears or a combo, I’ve found people really like this technique!
    Subjects I’d like to see, making blow drying and piecey/messy styling easy for people, I try to explain to my clients very well explained and drawn out (not literally) how to achieve it and they seem overwhelmed and stressed, i think it’s about breaking down the thought of having ‘perfectly sculpted hair’. My technique is to add a base to the hair, my favorite lately is sea salt by surface, dry it with thought in mind of how wanting it to lay and how much volume just using hands to move around (skip using a brush), smooth things out if needed with a flat iron, add a little tacky taffy- emulsify a pea size amount into hands using little amounts and ‘pinch and pull’ the ends of hair, add hairspray for hold, to make even easier skip the taffy and just spray little bits of hairspray and ‘pinch and pull’ to add the piecey defined look.
    South Dakota-mehh, pretty darn conservative :/

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      This is totally great advice!!

  8. Britt Namken

    How do you get thru snarly hair after you’ve washed it?

    1. roxie.hunt Author


  9. Carlie Geiser

    If I won these shears, I would use them to provide my clients with excellent hair cuts. I use a creative and artistic approach to wow every person that sits in my chair. A new pair of shears would definitely up my haircutting game and make me so happy!!

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