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Incorporating scarves into your ‘do

Scarves are just lovely. Old ones, new ones, silk ones, rayon, cotton, you name it. They add such a pretty and feminine flair to any hairdo. Many vintage styles employed scarves more for function than fashion, but these days it is officially fashionable to accessorize your look with them.

Incorporating scarves into your ‘do adds interest to an otherwise dull or uninspired hairstyle, and it’s great in a pinch when you want to look good on the fly but don’t have time to wash and style your hair. They are a good save for rainy days, too.

Here are 3 fab scarf DIY hair style ideas for you.

Faux bob with big bow-
Begin by gathering the hair into a very low ponytail. Roll the ponytail under and pin it at the nape of the neck to create the faux-bob.
Then tie a scarf around your head, securing with a large bow slightly off center at the top. Pin the sides for the bow into the hair to straighten it if you need to.
Now pull some hair down around your face and tuck the back into the scarf as needed.











Loose bun with a double wrapped scarf
Twist your hair softly into a loose side bun and pin to secure

Wrap a long scarf tightly around your head twice, and tie it right under the bun. Voila!



















Twisted double ponytails and a scarf halo

Section hair down the back of the head
Split each side into 2, and twist both pieces in the same direction separately, then secure with a ponytail holder at the ends and twist together.
Take 2 long scarves and tie them together at one end. Twist them both separately in the same direction and then tie at the other end. Twist them together to created the rope.
Tie the rope around the head like a halo, securing in the back and tucking in the ends.













Click here for the Rosie the Riveter Scarf roll!

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