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Lady burns

I love Zooey Deschanel. Who doesn’t? She is perfectly quirky, cute, and funny. She is a great actress and a fantastic musician and completely has her own style. Many of you might know her as the bang girl, because she rocks her bucket bangs hard, and has inspired many of us to do the same.

Her hit show The New Girl is really funny. The hair seen on the shows 2 leading ladies is long, glossy, thick, dark and banged. I felt like Zooey’s hair was almost too gorgeous for her quirky personality at first. But then, all of a sudden, she had lady burns and they just really worked on her.


Today, I want to give a shout out to Zooey Deschanel for bringin back the lady burns. This style was big in the 60’s, as seen on Nancy Sinatra and many other mod ladies. It is a blunt snip of hair on each side of the face, usually just below the ears, around the jaw. It is a very bold look if you ask me, and almost a little masculine. It gives an illusion of a page boy or a bob hairstyle when the hair is worn up, and it looks quite simply like sideburns on a lady when worn down.




Here are some lady burns descriptive words that start with a D…..Dated, Daring, Darling, Dorky, Different, Delicious.

Do you love Zooeys bangs? Me too. Here is how to do them.

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