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Style friday! a fun updo for short hair

A series of twists and pins, and a little bit ‘o back combing make up this fun updo for short hair. It’s got a bit of a modern mad-men 1950’s polished flair, with a little bit of pixie festival hair funky-ness. This ‘do would be perfect for a short haired offbeat bride. Try it and send me a photo!

Start by sectioning off a rectangle on the top. Twist back both sides and secure with criss-crossed bobby pins.







Now, divide the back into 2 sections down the middle, and make 2 twists going upwards. Secure with pins.






Now work your way through the top section, back combing a little at a time. Then, make a large roll, and pin it down to the head. Smooth the front lightly with your comb to polish.

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