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My 15 favorite hair tricks for busy mamas

This one is for all the mamas out there. Especially the ones that are raising small kids. Having good hair as a busy mama is not easy. We see women all the time that look so put together and we long for the time and space, not to mention a good reason, to polish ourselves up.

This post is very close to my heart because It involves my 2 favorite things…..Being a mama, and doing hair. Anyone who is a client of mine knows that I come to work to make you look and feel beautiful. My job is much of my identity as a mama and as a woman and a creative and ambitious individual.

When I had children ( I have 2 little girls, Mars and Selah) I felt like I had to completely sacrifice my own right to look and feel beautiful. I gave away all my vintage dresses to lucky friends, because I couldn’t nurse in them. I cut my hair short so it would be easy. I stopped shaving because there are more important things in life that deserve my time. I gave up my love affair with huge earrings, for fear that they would be ripped out of my head.

I talk myself out of wearing a nice dress or putting on makeup, accessorizing, and doing my hair all the time. My yoga pants -sports bra- flip flops- flop-knot- no makeup face are so easy to wear, and I don’t have to worry about things like stains or personal injury. This is my reality and my right as a mother and I take full advantage.

However, as I my kids get bigger and more independent, I feel more powerful, creative and capable as a woman. I find ways of taking care of myself, even a tiny bit of pampering or a break every once in a while. Like the great Louis C.K. said about the moment of peace and quiet that you get as a parent when you strap both kids into the car seat and close the door. That 2 second long walk around the quiet car can feel pretty amazing.

It’s the small easy things that help me feel beautiful and express myself that I really appreciate. Ones that are tried and true, sustainable, cheap and quick are VERY much appreciated. Today, I will share with you the little hair tricks that make me feel beautiful and fit with my crazy kid-filled, budgeted, stuck at home a lot, but still want to look good lifestyle.

I thought hard about the best hair tips I tell my mama clients about. I planned on doing my top 5. Then my top ten. Then I expanded it to my 15 favorite hair tricks for busy mamas. Please enjoy, and share with other mamas. And I would LOVE it if you would share with me your favorite easy mama hair tricks.

 Sock bun curls

These first two tricks I love because they take literally a couple minutes to do in the evening before you go to bed. With both sock bun curls and no heat curls, you can comfortably sleep and when you wake up, you just shake em out and go!

By the way, have you seen checked out the Sock Bun as an easy. polished wearable style?





No heat curls

You can get at least a couple good lookin days at a time out of these styling methods. They  work on hair that is shoulder length or longer, and are great for hair that hangs straight with no body.

Easy to do, sleep comfortably, look great. All good things for mamas.

No-heat curls option #2, twisted buns.





The No-poo method

For the natural, practical, low maintenance mama, there is the no-poo method. It is for mamas who don’t want to spend the money on expensive hair products and are skeptical about the ingredients in hair products. It is a great way to keep hair in a natural homeostasis of clean, healthy, and fresh without the fuss.

Cheap, easy, practical, effective, guaranteed.

Here is HTHGs theory on sustainable hair, as well as my daily hair MO...

And here is a link to HTHG’s personal no-poo journey category.

perfect layers and ombre color

For mamas stuck at home on a budget that still want great looking hair. Follow this easy tutorial and DIY it!


Coconut oil conditioning

A sustainable, fabulous, all purpose product. Use it like butter in your baking. Use it to fry stuff with. Use it as a mild sunscreen or moisturizer for your skin. Use it for diaper rash. But most of all, use it to pamper your hair. Click the link to learn how to use coconut oil as a conditioning treatment.

You can also use it as a leave in conditioner. Use a small amount and work it into your ends and smooth flyaways.

Here is my favorite DIY coconut oil hair product recipe, Liquid gold hair polisher.

Dip dye

A perfect DIY coloring technique for offbeat mamas who want cool hair ‘dos. You can do it at home while your kids are napping.

When they wake up, dip dye their hair too!

Ever wondered how to foil your own hair?If you are an adventurous DIYer, you can foil your own hair like Brookie with this easy method!

Pine-tar soap

For short haired mamas tired of flat limp locks. Save time and money and use Grandpas pine tar soap as a shampoo, and add serious texture and structure for long lasting wildness!


If you are a curly mama, you can maintain your beautiful curls structure and curl cast while you cook breakfast for hungry kids!

Use this method after you shower, and dry your hair faster and more beautifully with zero effort.

While you are at it, check out the Deva Curl method of curl care.

Here is another great DIY curl polishing technique for ladies on the go.

Scarves and head wraps

Greasy mama with bad roots and no time to touch em up? Gotta grab the house in a flash with no time for styling? Check out these head scarf ideas and hide your little hair secrets, while looking fabulous. Want to make a scarf bow with your favorite vintage scarf? Check out this DIY scarf tutorial.

Doo-rag mama pin curls




Are you a short to long haired mama with a night out to look forward to? Pin curl your hair in the evening, sleep soundly, and take them out in the morning. Gently comb them for Clara Bow, brush em vigorously for Marilyn Monroe. You will have polished retro curls for days.

 The Shlob and Asymmetrical choppy bangs

The perfect DIY haircut for growing out that frumpy bob. Go on, mama. Funk it up a bit.

Check out HTHG’s Shlob stories category for more shlob inspiration.

Here is some Shlob testimony.



DIY mad men updo

For the mama that needs a spicing up to get through an otherwise mundane Monday. This easy DIY updo will get ya through. On that note, any of HTHG’s easy to follow hairstyle tutorials from the dropdown on our homepage are great for busy mamas. Tried and true!

(Try this one while you are at it for a pretty soft look, or this one for vintage Rosie the Riveter.)

And don’t ever underestimate the power of changing your part!

For more DIY Mad Men hair, check out this post.


Mixed Bristle brush


For the mama who is tired of the shampoo/product/styling hamster wheel. Slowly wean yourself off of your ball and chain hair routine, and substitute shampoos for a thorough brushing. For goodness sakes, get yourself a good brush. This is a crucial tool to simplify your hair care:) Regular brushing distributes oil from your scalp into your ends where it is needed. Shiny hair, happy scalp, happy mama. Pamper yourself, mama.

Bang trim

Go on now mama. You can’t see through those long bangs. Just go ahead and trim em yourself. You will feel better, and your family will be safer.


Demi-permanent color

Sometimes, a mama wants to feel like a sex kitten. And what better way to do it than changing your haircolor to a daring new shade that you don’t have to commit to. There. Now you don’t have an excuse anymore. Go ahead and try that color you have been dying to try. And DIY it! You really cant mess it up with semi or demi color. Just don’t try and go black if you are a blonde. Leave that stuff to the professionals.

Bring out that sexy secretary.

And of course, my DIY style idea tutorials are made for mamas on the go. Rock that hair, mama. Rock that lifestyle too, while your at it.

Don’t forget to subscribe to HTHG to keep up on all inspired DIY hair content. HTHG’s Facebook will keep you up on hair trends, tips, and tutorials from all my favorite stylists and bloggers so be sure to Like! Thanks for visiting. XO



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  1. stream26

    Thanks for this, I really needed it as my kid is starting grade school, I realize that I am getting up with him, or rather before him to make sure everything is ready. I often use headbangs for styling of hair .There are tons of ideas
    I do get great help from my husband, but like you said, time is always lacking. Glad someone understands coming from a house full of boys whos hair looks great right when they wake up.

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