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DIY Friday! Sci-fi wedding hair

I invented this Sci-fi wedding hairstyle look while doodling around with Nikki‘s hair. It reminded us both of Star Wars in a way. It is a perfect unique up-do for shortish-medium length hair. Shoulder length hair is the magic length for a french twist, not to mention two of ’em.

Recently, I read this awesome article in the New York Times about Sci-fi weddings,and how they and other offbeat wedding themes are on the rise. This is the perfect medium-length hair style for a Sci-fi wedding. My friend Nikki designs really cool Sci-fi nouveau jewelry too, if you are looking for something bling-o to accessorize your Sci-fi look.


To get this look, start by dividing the hair down the center and criss-cross pinning up both sides. This pinning technique is great when working with either super thick hair or very fine hair, because it creates a bit of a grid for other pins to grip to.








Then starting on one side, split the section down the middle vertically and back comb the inner section.








Take the whole backcombed piece in your hands, and roll it into a funnel. Pin it to your criss-cross pins to secure.

Repeat on the other side.








Now take the outer sections and smooth them across the rolls, and pin to secure.

I gathered the bottom of both rolls and pinned up through them in the center to finish off the look.

By the way, if you like this look, you might also like HTHG’s tribal braided look! And if you want a more in depth tutorial for making a french twist/roll, check this one out.

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