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She has flowers in her hair.

Accessorizing your hairstyle is another way to add a touch of uniqueness to your over all look. Why not look to natures bounty for inspiration?.

Wearing flowers in hair has always been in style. It is trending at the moment (Thank you  but let’s not forget this…..Women have worn flowers in their hair since the dawn of time. Flowers and hair are two of natures most ingenious creations. They are both designed to attract and adorn. Put them together, and even the bees will not leave you alone. That’s a fact.

Wearing flowers in your hair is the perfect way to pretty up. Flowers can be a mere afterthought to add a pop of color to your style as seen in these two HTHG DIY hair tutorials.

pretty twisted hairstyle        The scarf roll




or they can be the featured attraction like in the braided flower basket.

Either way, your look can range from Boho-chic to super modern classic depending on the flower that you choose. (Be on the lookout for a super-post on choosing the right flowers for your bridal hair coming up soon!:)

I like to choose my hair flowers by walking in my favorite park and seeing what’s in bloom. I’m a lover of all things natural and earthy, so wearing what’s in season is always my M.O.

I always have bobby pins in my pockets, just in case I need to pin a flower into my ‘do. Sometimes it’s as simple as a tuck behind the ear, but often a bobby pin is needed to secure it. I look for hearty looking flowers that will not wilt immediately, so nothing too delicate or crepe-y.

Here are some flowers in her hair ideas….

Echinachea is an all time favorite. It is bold and earthy, with a beautiful lavender and orange blend of color that draws the eye. It is super hearty and will look pretty and fresh all day. Pair it with some textural grasses and a spray of babies breath or another lacy flower, and you have a beautiful fall look.

May suggest this pretty DIY hairstyle to wear it with?





Gerber Daisies and Cosmos are nice because they are smaller, and easy to stick straight into a bun for all day wear. Their bright color pops out at you in a big way. They will also keep their form and color all day. Try a pretty twisted bun adorned with Cosmos and Daisies!






Prim roses and wild roses are a timeless and beautiful addition to your hairstyle. I like to wear them in a soft boho-inspired style with most of the hair down. Be sure to add some rose buds in there to sweeten the deal.

Wild roses stay put once you have them in, because of their fine thorns that grab.

Try a double braided style like this one…

Then stick the flowers right into the braids after trimming the stems to about an inch long. Use pins if needed.





A couple large sprays of babies breath or another fine, lacy plant makes a perfect floral vintage cap. Try it with a polished vintage bun!







What is your favorite flower? Try prettying up your hairstyle with it this fall! Once you start, you won’t want to stop. Don’t forget to send me a photo of it 🙂


P.S. As a side note, none of this fake flower nonsense. Just don’t . Support your local florist and go real or go home;)

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