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Twisted hairstyle for short hair

Here is Doo-rag mama’s signature Twisted hairstyle for short hair. It works beautifully in her super bleached-textured hair. If you have roots, this style is perfect because it pulls the hair back off the face in a soft way, and it looks really cool with the contrast.

This ‘do is great for coarse, curly, and highly textured hair. If you have fine and silky hair and are wanting to try this out, I recommend using pine-tar soap as a shampoo a couple of times to build up some tackiness in the hair so it will stay.

Do a side-part. Start on the heavier side, in the front. Create a twist, twisting the hair upwards as you guide it back, adding a little hair from both sides as you go,  ( like a french-braid.)








When you reach the back, pin the twist in place.

Then do the same thing on the other side. Hide the pins as much as possible, so that the look is fluid.

Want another cute short hairstyle option, try this!

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  1. steph

    hey can I get some tips on hiding pins? I love the way the style looks on the model here but I have no idea how to hide these pins!!!
    thanks! I love the site!

  2. Alexis

    If you can do you think that you can make a hairdo without bobby pins if not that is okay. Thanks

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