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So much easier than typing out apple cider vinegar. After I washed my hair with baking soda this morning, I sprayed dilluded ACV into it and brushed it through as a conditioning rinse. My hair feels sleeker and smoother and looks shinier as a result.

ACV balances the PH of the baking soda, which seals the hair cuticle back down, making for a smoother more reflective hair shaft, thus the sleek and shine. I love what it did to my hair today. It looks more like no-poo day 2 instead of day 1. I know it may be still early on in the game for my final no-poo method analysis, but here is my predicted regimen as of today……..No-poo baking soda wash twice a week. ACV rinse once a week. Coconut oil hair treatment every 2 weeks. A little liquid gold polishing butter as needed.

By the way, have I mentioned yet that since I have been using the no-poo method, my hair does whatever I tell it too? love it.

Happy, healthy, stick-it-to-the-man hair!

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