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Add some flair to your hair with vintage jewelry!

If you are anything like me, then you have some pretty rad pieces of jewelry laying around not being worn. Over the years, I have inherited many unique necklaces, brooches, and pairs of earrings from friends and grandma’s. They sit lonely in a box for the most part, sparkling at me and trying to catch my attention.

I have always loved to accessorize hair. Whether it is beautiful flowers in the polished bun, or strategically pinned jewelry pieces or random found objects in a braid, I love the marriage of different textures and materials against the softness of hair. Why not take your ‘do to the next level of statement making?

So on that note, lets have some fun with junk and jewels, decorating our hairdos because the ladies at say that hair accessories this fall are MAJOR.

Please browse HTHG’s DIY styles and choose your ‘do to adorn. Then, open up your jewelry box or go to your nearest flea market and find some funky bling that sings to you.

Now using some strategically placed pins and a little nipping and tucking, we will work them into our hair and walk around like queens for the day.

Do you love Brookie’s color, BTW? She foils it herself using HTHG’s DIY face framing foil video as a guide.

Grandma Honey’s coral bracelet. It’s memory wire, so it stretches out, but always snaps back to bracelet shape. Makes a cool boho headband, and it clings nicely. Why not?

Animal print bow snipped off of a 1940’s gaberdine dress. Hair twisted up on one side, bow pinned in with a bobby. Flirty and fun with a bit of flounce.












Feather headband. Okay, it’s not vintage. I made it in the height of my feather phase. I love hair and feathers together. This is HTHG’s boho chain link braid adorned with the feathers just over the ear on the bun side of the hairstyle. Gorgeous necklace by Nikki Jacoby.








My favorite vintage necklace. I borrowed it from Doo-rag mama and she hasn’t asked for it back yet so I’m totally hoarding it. It took a bit of tucking and pinning to secure it into this double twisted hairstyle. I criss-crossed the pins over the ends of the necklace once I had arranged it in the center, then I tucked it in and hid the pins under twisted hair. I also used this necklace to decorate this really pretty curly ‘do.









I’m a sucker for pearls. I love the yellowed look of them, they remind me of a mermaids treasure box. For this look, I used the same double twisted hairstyle, and I started by securing one end of the string of pearls with a tuck and a pin. Then I gently wrapped and draped the pearls around and through the twists, and secured on the other end. She’s a mermaid princess!


 Grandma Suzi’s homecoming queen earrings? I Started with a beautiful HTHG DIY braided hairstyle called the Infinity Braid. Then, I arranged the earrings just how I wanted them. I used a couple bobby pins to gently pin them into place. Hello DIY bride! What a pretty creation! I want to cry with happiness just looking at it.



And last but not least, my personal favorite. A weird old pair of silver hook earrings that I never figured out how to wear. They found a home, hooked snug-ly into this gorgeous Infinity braided hairstyle and made a art deco lover’s dream come true. Geometric gorgeousness. Funky metal and gorgeous hair creates a beautiful and captivating contrast that is hard not to stare at.

Ladies, put your DIY design eyes on and get creative with this fun little assignment……

Go into your jewelry box and work something unexpected into your hair. Then send me a little picture of your look into Your Stories  or post them on my facebook and we will take a vote of our favorites, and the winner will win the feather headband.

Want to make your own vintage inspired hair piece? Leave it to Reagan at HDOFblog to show you how!



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  1. Colleen Writt

    I don’t think that green necklace is truly vintage. I bought an identical one from an ebay merchant in China for $5 a few weeks ago. If that animal print bow was really attached to a 1940’s dress, why did you cut it off? Surely you could have “flirty flouncy fun” with some other scrap of fabric? Otherwise, I like your hair ideas, you always have some fun things to try.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      The green necklace is vintage, I can tell by the clasps. I have worked with vintage clothing for years and come across many dresses that are too far gone or badly stained to restore, and those are the ones that I cut bows and buttons off of. I love to cut and sew and reassemble things. I know this is total blasphemy to some vintage connosiours, but to each his own;)

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