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Curl ribboning: Polish and define your curls with this priceless trick

This is one of those tricks that I use on every curly client that sits in my chair.

After the dry curl cut, I will generally rinse and condition the curls. I squeeze as much water out as I can. Then, I rake through the hair with my fingers to get it to where it falls naturally. Then I diffuse it a bit ( Sometimes upside down)

When it is about 1/2 dry, I get a little pinky nail sized shmear of my absolute favorite DIY curl product, HTHG’s Liquid gold polisher and rub it between my hands and smooth it gently onto the surface of the curls. Remember friends, handle curls lightly and gently always, so as not to disturb the curl pattern or curl cast too much.

Scrunch a bit of the product gently into the ends. Now, take a single curl and twirl it around your fingers in the direction that it moves naturally. This helps to define the curl while smoothing it and working the product into it a bit more. Do this to many random curls. See the difference? It cuts down on frizz and fuzz and gives the hair a much more shiny, springy look.

With curl ribboning, you get the natural wildness that is inherent in naturally curly hair, with just enough polish to refine and tame the look a bit.

Polish and define your curls with this priceless trick. Try it, curly girls. And tell your curly friends!

And for more priceless curl tricks, check out the Naturally Curly website!



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