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Deconstructed wrapped french fish tail braid

So think of a french fishtail braid like a french braid, as in you are adding a bit of hair from either side as you work your way down. But with a french fishtail, you start at the top with 2 pieces instead of 3, and you just add tiny bits of hair from each side at a time. But do know this; fishtail braids take quite a bit longer to do than regular braids. But don’t let that stop you, just be patient with it. Here is a post about the fishtail braid, which is the place to start if you are unfamiliar!

To move your braid around the head, gently guide it in the direction you want it to go by slowly adding hair that will pull it in that direction. Does that make sense? It’s a subtle nudge in the right direction without forcing or imposing too much will.

Anyway, this is just so pretty I have to share it with you. It is a hairstyle fit for a sea queen.

Start with a french fishtail that begins on the heavier side of a deep side part and comes back and wraps around the back of the head, and comes out at the front of the other side. Continue the braid to the ends and secure it with a clear elastic. Now gently pull the braid apart a bit to loosen it and bulk it up a little bit.

Take the secure end of your braid and lay it over the top of the head, pinning it so that the end of the braid meets the base so it makes a circular crown. Pin it where you will not see any pins and make sure to tuck in the ends and hide the elastic.

I’m going to wear my hair like this today. Who’s with me? I think you should try it.

By the way, what do you think of her color? Do you want to know how to do it? Here is the tutorial!




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  1. annaK

    Very beautiful! I wish there was a video for this one though 🙂

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