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Scarf roll envy.

Can I just say that I LOVE it when people take HTHG hairstyles and make them look tons better than I do? Leave it to Darcy. She is my sister out-law and her stylish sensibilities  never fail to amaze. I was there with her when her second son Rowan was born (VBAC birth, SO awesome) and she looked gorgeous. Her makeup was immaculate and she had a beautiful kimono on. The point is, she even looks totally put-together when she is pushing out a baby. Daaaaaaang.

She tried out the Scarf Roll, and she put me to shame. Love it, Darc.

Want to know how to get this look? Here is a link to a tutorial.



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  1. darcy

    Awe shucks…thanks Rox, best sister outlaw ever and hair consultant!

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