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3 dreamy DIY hairstyles for Offbeat Brides

DIY Bridal Hair Series…..

To celebrate HTHG’s first ever ad on, I created 3 fantastically whimsical and dreamy hairstyles to share with my DIY brides who are looking for a beautiful hairstyle that is perfectly different.

I didn’t plan any of these hairstyles. I went over to Darcy’s house with my HTHG bag of tools and tricks, with a mission to play around with her fabulous vintage clothes and jewelry and do pretty things with her hair. We set up her vanity and pulled out some fun things like vintage hair combs, white feathers, and sparkly bits and pieces.

Between the 2 of us (She is a DIY hairstyle queen. Check out this post!) these hairstyles just happened. I talked her through em, she did the work, and all of the sudden we had 3 DIY bride hairstyles that made us feel like we wanted to go out and get married just to have fun hair.

Presenting, 3 brand spankin’ new DIY bride hair videos……….

Valley of Roses– Pinned curls with a hint of pink








The Nautilus Braid-The coolest fishtail braid bun ever.








Cupcake Bun-An Audrey Hepburn inspired whimsy-bun that makes me hungry for frosting.

Which one of these whim-tastical DIY hairstyles will you wear down the aisle? Once you choose your ‘do, be sure to check out these inspired DIY accessory and floral hair ideas.

If you are a DIY bride, make sure to check out my 5 steps to fab wedding day hair guest post to get you ready for your big day.


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  2. janni

    I am very happy to see this post. It is beautifulWedding Hairstyle For Long Hair.Now i am ready for my new look on my Wedding Ceremony 🙂

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