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Big hair Holley helps with bobby pinning long, thick hair

Viewer submission!

I asked Holley what she would tell a gal who is having trouble getting big bobbies
to stay in her hair to hold her ‘do up. Here is what she says…

“No smooth ones for sureI get the ones that¬† have the slightest curve to them. Then I criss-cross two of them each place I need to secure the base of my hairdo. Usually in 3 places (back & sides) for my big hair things. Then single ones to tuck stuff.
The other kind I got on accident, when I sent Ben to the store for some. He got me these larger, heavy duty ones that look like regular small ones. Anyway, I love them! They really are heavy duty and they hold any hair. ”

I LOVE the 3 inch goody big bobbies

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