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Bobby pins not staying in place?

Jenn writes…….

Love, love, love your page! Have a question & hope you can help me, how do I keep bobby pins from sliding out of my hair? I’ve tried your tutorials & if I’m doing a twist or a bun, the pin just starts backing out almost immediately. I have long hair (to the middle of my back) & the only product I use is chi oil when I straighten it. I use matrix sleek look shampoo & conditioner. Is it making my hair too slick? Do I need to go to Sally’s beauty & pick up a more heftier pin? Thank you for your help with this!-Jenn

Girl, you need some jumbo bobbies. I think they will change your life. I’m a big fan of the goody 3′ bobby. Tried and true. Let me know if that doesnt do the trick.

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