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DIY Friday: Hair sticks!

Such a cute graphic design, right?? I’ve got to shout out a heartfelt thanks to my friend and client, the lovely Ashey Bumgarners for putting it together!

I love me some hair sticks. I use plastic chopsticks. I found some red ones at the Black Lady Beauty Mart and I’m in love with them. They are so sleek and shiny and red and they hold my hair up so easily and nicely. I like using hairs sticks to secure a bun because it is a quick and easy way to add a little instant color and style to an otherwise haphazard top-knot.

You need at least shoulder length hair to make the sticks work, and your hair should be either first prepped with a texturizing spray like HTHG’s DIY beach texturizer or your hair should be good and dirty so it won’t slip out. If you no-poo, your hair is probably naturally perfectly  prepped for up-dos. You can also do a half-up style using the sticks in the same way, but leaving the underneath half of your hair down.

1. To get the look, you will brush all the hair up to the top of your head and hold it like you are going to ponytail it.

2. Lay the stick across the front of the hair, and wrap the hair halfway around the stick.

3. Rotate the stick 90 degrees so that it is pointing past the front and back of the head.

4. Now slide the stick back, across the top of the head, catching the ends of the hair in place and securing it together.

Now, I like to slide the other stick through the ‘do so that it lays nicely next to the other one, maybe with a slight criss-cross. Then, I use a bobby pin to tuck the ends in if they look awkward. But you can also leave them loose if you want. And DO NOT forget to pull down your Lady Parts😉

Rock them this weekend! XOXO, HTHG

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