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DIY Friday: Sexy Sheba pin-curled hairstyle

This is a hairstyle that exudes sexy vintage glamour. It combines HTHG’s easy victory rolls with a couple quick pin curls (pinned discreetly!) for a 1-2 punch of hotness.

This hairstyle totally works on shortish to long hair. And the best part??? You have bouncy curls when you take it down!

DO it, you sexy dame!

Start with your victory rolls.








Now part the hair down the center of the back. Start on one side, and divide the section of hair in half vertically.









Now starting at the ends, roll the hair into a flat pin-curl. Pin it discreetly right behind the ear.







Now take the hair from the other half of the section, and roll it into another flat pin-curl. Pin it just behind and slightly below the first pin-curl.









Repeat the process on the other side.

Where will you take your sexy self with your DIY Friday: Sexy Sheba pin-curled hairstyle? I’m going out for a martini.

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