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Back combing lesson.

DSC00111The great hair blogger Reagan from once said “Back combing is practically the high-heels of hair” and I have to whole heartedly agree. When styling your own or someone else’s hair, back combing will be what adds the height to the style. And if back-combing is the high-heels, then sectioning is the orthotic inserts. And personally, I walk a lot better in high-heels when I have my inserts in.

With that said, here is a video that will help you understand how to back-comb your hair and why it is important. It think that this should be pretty easy to follow. Have a go!


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  1. Amanda

    Does back combing damage your hair?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      IF you have fragile fine or very dry hair, I would reccommend against back combing vigorously on a regular basis. But a gentle fluff ‘n stuff back combing to add a boost to your hair every once in a while will not hurt.Just be gentle when coming it out when you take your hair down. XO

      1. Amanda

        Good to know, thanks! 🙂

  2. Carter

    Can we get a “How to Remove Backcombing (without cussin’ and cryin’)” tutorial?

    My mom taught me backcombing with a horrid aluminum backcomb when I was a little girl, but with my very fine hair (but also very thick, strong, and heavy), I could never get it out without, well, saying some very special words and shedding some tears.

    Maybe going ShamPHree will help, but my hair is still adjusting to that.

    How’s a girl supposed to get the backcombing out- especially when she’s gone Tight and Right and done it UP?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Great question! Here is what I tell clients about un doing a tangled mess of back-combing…….Spray the nest with water, work a little conditioner into your palms, and massage it into the nest. If you are ShamPHree, you can still use conditioner as needed for circumstances like this:)
      Also, you can try a mix of warm water and honey to give the hair some slip. Then, use a boar-bristle brush to gently work the tangles out starting in the ends and working your way towards the scalp. DONT attempt to remove backcombing with a comb, ESPECIALLY a back comb;)
      I am obsessed with my MAson Pearson mixed bristle brush for times like these, but Denman makes a cheaper version that also works great. Thanks again for this awesome question, lady!

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