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#DIYhair Friday! Deconstructed Fishtail braid

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 12.54.33 PM I am a fan of deconstructing. I really enjoy the creative process of creating something and then ripping it to shreds. There is something very zen and beautiful about it.

Fishtail braids are so pretty. Deconstructed, they are even prettier. They combine intricacy and texture and they do really neat things with color variation in the hair. So if you have ombre hair, bold highlights, or 2 toned hair of any type, you can bet that your fishtail braid will be gorgeous.

So to deconstruct a fishtail braid, you do the braid and secure the end, then pull it apart gently bit by bit starting at the end of the braid and working your way up. This plumps it up and makes it messy, and gives it a rough finish. This tutorial is inspired by this pretty pink haired look, which I found on Pinterest.

Here is how to get the look.


1. Begin by dividing the hair into 2 sections. A large section slightly off center, and a slightly smaller section on the side.  Make a fishtail braid on both sections, and secure them with small elastics.

2.. Pull apart your braids to rough em up!

3.. Take your smaller section braid and gently wrap it around the base of the larger one.

4. Pin the smaller braid into place. Use a couple discreetly placed pins to secure the wrap.

5. Rock your deconstructed fishtail braid on the side!



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