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Saturday Crafternoon: DIY fancy hair combs!

CombsI’ve already told you why I love hair combs so much and how I use them in my hair. Now I will tell you how I like to decorate them! Today is the day! Are you ready to craft some fabulous combs to adorn and secure your DIY hairstyle? Let’s do this.

Here is what you will need to create an arsenal of combs for every occasion;)

suppliesPlastic combs.        (I like Goody’s) Vintage buttons. Bows. Colored thread. Needle and thread. Thin brass wire. Silk flowers.

Now, get a couple friends together and let’s see what you come up with. Here is what Nikki and I came up with…..

DIY Vintage button combs!

We used glue on the large flat buttons, and wire wrapped the smaller buttons.nautical buttons buttons

DIY black bow comb!

We used a needle and thread to sew the bow onto the comb. Want more black hair bow inspiration? 😉

black comb

DIY silk flower comb!

We glued silk daisies onto the comb, using Ecoglue.


DIY colored thread wrapped comb!

We wrapped the spine of the comb with colored thread, then tied off the ends.

thread combsI don’t know about you, but I am beginning to think that hair combs are the best hair tool/accessory around. Equal parts fashion and function, It is no wonder that people have been wearing them to adorn and secure their hairstyles for thousands of years!
I am inspired! Let’s make some more combs! Do you have any great comb decorating ideas?


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