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Le Poisson de Paris Prom (or Bride!)

DSC01812Marlena’s hair is waist-length, thick, silky and blonde. Dream hair, basically. She wanted a ‘do for prom that went with a beautiful grecian inspired white dress and chandelier earrings. She wanted something a bit different, so she got an epic french fishtail with some accent pin curls that was so beautiful on her that we both almost cried.

Here is how I did this one.poisson

1. I started by curling all of her hair with a large barrel iron. I sprayed the curls and let them cool for a couple minutes to set. Then, I worked through her crown back-combing tight-n-right to make a nice full base. She wanted plenty of volume. I smoothed the surface of the hair over the back combing.

2. I started a french fishtail braid in the back, slightly off to one side.

3. I added hair in small sections from the sides into the braid until I reached the nape of her neck.

4. I continued to fish-tail the free end of the braid over one shoulder and secured the end with a clear elastic.

5. Then I pulled the braid apart to loosen up. Here is a tip…..Start pulling apart from the end of the braid and work your way up. Start pulling big pieces to bulk it up, then pull smaller pieces out to rough up the edges.

To finish off this look, I isolated curls from around her face and pinned them onto the side as decoration. Then I sprayed the HELL out of it and gently (here is another trick;) Ran the curling iron over the top of the curls to heat up the spray and glue them to the head. Then, I let em cool, removed the pins, and set her free.

Also, you can wrap a small section of hair from the end of the braid around the elastic and tuck it in to finish off the braid.


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