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Stone Fox Bride braid

stone foxWeddings, in general, make me want to revolt.

Wedding hair scares me. I’ll be honest. Wedding party hairstyling stresses me out and makes me sweat and wish I was a dude. But I love the concept of a day to celebrate your love and union and look and feel as beautiful as you are.

My dream wedding is me with long hair, and all my best woman friends and family from all over the world, dressed in Gunne Sax dresses or soft Indian cotton, or naked, lounging around a remote hot springs with soft light and wildflowers. We will dine on delicious food, and drink plenty of spring water and whiskey.

No groom or best man. Just pure feminine beauty, celebrating love and life. Then, after a week of that, I will embark on a honeymoon for me and my man, who I dearly adore.

I found Stone Fox Bride on Instagram. My BFF,  jewelry designer Nikki Jacoby told me to check em out and I trust her opinion on all things. They post photos of beautiful things like dresses, flowers, people in love, photos that basically tell the story of a life that I aspire to have.

Stone Fox Bride is a team of 10 in NYC that work together to make conceptual bohemian/punk-rock wedding dreams a reality for people who are not interested in your typical stiff nuptial occasion.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 1.04.28 PMThey have many beautifully inspired collections to browse on their website, as well as a great blog that introduces you to the colorful and divinely intriguing SFB cast. Their shop is filled with sickeningly gorgeous Art Nouveau and Deco rings and vintage lace wedding dresses that a girl could really steal a show in. Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 1.03.33 PM Their models are regular, beautiful, natural, tattoo-ed, interesting women (and a couple men) . Their attitude is “Fuck weddings” but still have fun making it pretty.




(These 3 photos are from SFB’s website)

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 12.12.28 PM

Here is an exerpt from their 2013 collection featuring NYC jewelry designer Pam Love.

“You’re not into uptown. Or anything puffy or fluffy. Stiff flowers, pink cupcakes. Fuck weddings. You’re gonna throw rugs on the lawn, saunter into City Hall, say I do during a backyard barbeque. Looking like a more radiant version of your regular self. Comfy and cool, as usual.”

The Stone Fox Bride concept inspired the shit out of me. I wanted to collaborate or offer them something for being so right on. So, I designed a hairstyle that I will call the Stone Fox Braid in honor of them.





The Stone Fox Braid

This hairstyle is an easy DIY style for low key brides that want a soft and beautiful hairstyle to pair with some sort of pretty crown or garland. For this shoot, I had a crown made of succulents to adorn the hairstyle with. It seemed very fitting.

Here is the hairstyle, and how to do it.bride braid










1. Part the hair down the center of the back.

2. Do a fishtail braid in each section, all the way to the ends.

3. Secure the ends with  clear elastics.

4. Starting at the ends of each braid, pull the outsides of the braid apart a bit to loosen them and rough em up. Work your way up the braids, a little at a time.

5. Take the right braid, and pull it over the top of the left braid. Pin it at the top.

6. Now pull the left braid under the right one and pin it to the outside of the base of the right braid.

7. Fold both ends over and pin them under the braids to hide them. Add additional pins to secure the hairstyle.

Pull down your lady parts to frame your face, and add flowers or a crown.

If you are a DIY bride, make sure to check out my 5 steps to fab wedding day hair guest post to get you ready for your big day.

You are a Stone fucking Fox!





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