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Curly hair DIY dip dye!

Reader submission!


This triumphant tale of DIY dip dye is told by Leah, brave naturally curly red-head (lucky!!!!!!) who watched this video to learn the technique that brought vibrant color to her ends! Can I just say that I love her expression in these photos? I want to be her friend.

Here is what Leah says….

“‘Ello everyone out there in DIYer World!
So, I have SUPER thick, SUPER curly, SUPER red hair and my favorite color is purple. I have been trying to dye my hair purple with non permanent options for years and nothing has worked out the way it should have, my base color is just too dark and vibrant on its own. I finally broke down and decided to try a permanent dye option after seeing the Dip Dye style through a link on Pinterest. I bleached the last 3-4 inches of my hair as light as it would go, a nifty yellow/gold/orange color that I will someday utilize all on its own for a style. Then I used Splat’s Lusty Lavender to cover all of the bleached areas, plus a tiny bit of overlap onto my natural red. Then I massaged Garnier Nutrisse Reflective Blue Black into the very ends, only 1-2 inches worth and let it all sit for about 20-30min. Then rinse and dry! The pink/purple/blue/black fade turned out way better than I expected and I didn’t expect to get the pink at the top, but I love it!”

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