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#DIYhair Friday….choose your own adventure braid!

choose yoursThis #DIYhair success story has 2 endings. And you get to choose the one you like best. We will call it a “viewers choice” hairdo, kind of like how Netflix is doing that with their new original series shows. And they degrade so fast because the basic netflix watching human mind wants smut and sociopaths.

But not this hairstyle! this is a no-smut hairstyle for sure. This hairstyle starts as a french fishtail and ends in either a tuck or a bun (okay maybe just a tiny bit of smut.)

And you will need a comb. If you are underwhelmed by the state of your average hair comb, check out this post about how to decorate them and make them your own:) Or maybe you have your grandmas pretty old hair comb laying around? If you do, no is the time to dig it out.choose

Here is how to do it…..

1. Start with 2 small pieces of hair at the top of your head. Begin a fishtail braid, adding twice from either side.

2. Now begin adding in your small side sections to make it a frenchie.

3. Alternate back and forth from each side, working your way down to the nape of the neck.

4. Continue your fishtail braid all the way to the ends, and secure with an elastic. Now, gently pull it apart from each side to loosen it a bit.

Have you decided yet? You can either wrap your end into a bun and stick the comb teeth through the end to secure it, OR you can gently work the end up and behind the braid, and use your comb teeth to grab the end through the front of the braid to attach it. Ka-peesh?


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