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Gutter punk to professor: A hair story.

brookThis is my sister, Brook. She is a biologist, on the front lines of cancer research ( I’m so proud of her:) She loves science. She is excited about science. She is an Artist of Science. One reason she likes the lab is that she can do whatever she wants with her hair, and listen to any kind of music in her headphones that she chooses and no one can say shit about it, as long as she is effectively dividing cells on lab-grown skin samples and making useful hypothesis.Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 1.03.05 PM She seems to enjoy being the weird one at work. I can understand that. I cut her hair into the Girl with the Dragon tattoo haircut about a year ago.

Without any trimming or maintenance, it grew out into a perfect gutter-punk flop. But in a good way! When she came to visit me last month, she was ready for something more professional to rock while she defends her dissertation. I gave her the razored pixie and it suited her perfectly.brook after

Cute and short and chic, no maintenance or styling needed. And, it will grow out well because her hair is fine and I texturized the ends. She can really pull off shaggy hair and piece-y ends. And we only see each other a couple times a year 🙁 so her hair cuts have to last.

Here is a little trade secret for you……The key to a feminine short haircut is the hair around the ears. There is a fine line between short and sharp and masculine, and perfectly choppy and soft and shattered. This is the line that divides a femme short haircut from a more butch-ified one. To each her own.b3

I love a good hair transformation success story.

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