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Sexy secretary in 60 seconds beehive bun.

DSC02764Joanie from Mad Men…..this one is for you, honey. This hairstyle is simple, pretty, sultry, and very 1960’s. It is perfect for channeling your badass sexy secretary self. It is easy as pie and hot as hades. I’m officially adding it to my list of Mad Men hairstyles.

For this look you will just need a couple of bobby pins and a back comb. Here is how to do it.

60 second sexy secretary1. Start by taking a semi-circular section of hair from the top of the head, from temple to temple. Back comb the back side of the section using the tight and right technique.

2. Twist the ends of the section and lay it down on the head.

3. Push the base of the twist in and up, pinning the teeth of the bobby on each side of the twist and sliding the pin up, directly into the twist. This will secure it into the head while adding extra height to the hive.

4. Now take the all the hair that is hanging ( including your twist ends) and twist them together.

5. Wrap the twist into a bun directly under your hive and pin it in discreetly from 2 sides so that it is secure.

Now arrange your lady parts, and make sure the front of the beehive is nice and smooth.

Knock em dead. XO, HTHG

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