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#shamphree Summer!

jump!This summer was full of ShamPHree fun at HTHG. I got some people hyped on the concept. I heard some amazing success stories. I continued on my personal journey of ShamPHree experimentation. I directed some really fun photo shoots to use as ShamPHree concept promo.

Basically, If you can’t already tell, I am so inspired by the idea of freeing myself of the things I don’t need (Starting with conventional beauty products) that all I want to do is spread the word and share with you a little taste of personal freedom. Start with your hair, and the rest will follow. Stuck in hair, stuck in life. Hair is a gateway to identity and expression and a metaphor for life.


So to help encourage and inspire your journey through life finding freedom in hidden places, I begin sharing my #shamphree Summer photo series with all of you. The photos in this series were shot by Bob Cochran, myself, and Alixandra Brown.

This first series is about taking the plunge. Diving in. Letting go. Getting free. #freeyourhair #shamphree

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