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Mason Pearson. The golden child of brushes.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 1.33.44 PMAsk me my #1 hair grooming tool. Ask me what useful hair accessory I would be most lost without. Go ahead. It is my Mason Pearson brush and it is more precious to me than gold.

I am a product and gimmick skeptic. I rolled my eyes for years at the thought of spending more than $15 on a brush. How could it be any better than any other brush? But then I overheard someone I know and trust absolutely ranting and raving about the brilliance of the Mason Pearson brush. So I went for it with my last tax return.

Mason Pearson is a brush company out of London that established in the late 1880’s. They design and hand make cellulose cushion brushes with boar bristles and perfectly smooth easy to hold handles. These brushes are absolutely unrivaled.

I use mine several times a day. My Mason Pearson brush has taken the place of any heat and smoothing hair product that I would have once used to tame my unruly mane. Instead of shine spray or drops, a couple of swipes with this thing distributes my healthy natural hair oil into my ends, leaving a smooth, shiny, seamless finish. It is an absolutely essential part of my ShamPHree routine.

I use it in the salon to finish up-dos. I brush my kids hair with it. My kids brush their own hair with it. Do you hear me?!?!? My kids brush their own damn hair with my Mason Pearson brush because their young and innocent minds can feel and see the superiority of it. They stand in the mirror brushing their whisp-y spider web hairs and smiling at themselves.

Today, I want to share a little brush and powder trick I use often. This little trick comes in handy when I feel like I am due for a ShamPHree but I want to stretch it out a couple more days. It freshens my hair, smooths it, gently cleans it, and evens it out from root to tip. It is how I powder my hair without the mess.

I take my M.P. brush. I take my NEB hair powder. I sprinkle powder on the brush, and I thoroughly brush my hair. Done!

mason p

For this post, I contacted Mason Pearson to see if they wanted to send me a brush to offer you all as a giveaway. They were not interested. I guess they know they are the shit. I am glad for them. They are a golden company with the highest of standards.

I wish I could offer one to you. I want you all to experience the genius of this company and the beautiful hair that it delivers to you by your own hand. I will keep working on em. In the mean time, buy your Mason Pearson brush here.
They are not cheap, but they will be your golden brush for life and you can tell them all your hair secrets and they will never tell a soul.

UPDATE: Now I can offer you a fantastic brush. 

xo, HTHG

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  1. Kiriko

    Okay, you got me! I need one.

    And this is pure gold: ” My kids brush their own damn hair with my Mason Pearson brush because their young and innocent minds can feel and see the superiority of it. They stand in the mirror brushing their whisp-y spider web hairs and smiling at themselves.” HA!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Ha! it really is a miracle worker of a brush. Im brushing my hair right now;)

  2. Kate

    What do you think about the nylon bristle Mason Pearson brushes? I am a vegetarian so I just don’t feel right about the boar bristle brushes but I definitely need an upgrade from the nasty old brush I have right now!

    1. Rachel

      Just FYI the bristles are collected from the boars without harming them. There’s info on the MP website about it.

  3. stephanie

    Holy hell! When you said “the thought of spending more than $15”, I thought you were talking like $30 for a brush, not $140! I think I heard before that they are amazing though too.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I know!!! crazy expensive. But 100% worth it for a lifetime of great brushing:)

  4. Shaina

    Which version do you use — the pure boar or the mixed bristles? I have fine (strand diameter) but very full (lots of it) hair and am looking to bump up my shamphree routine. Because it’s such an investment, I’m trying to do as much research as possible, but most of the info I’ve found so far has not been from a shamphreeing perspective.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Mixed bristle, all the way!

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