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DIY Hair Friday NJ braid bun!

7U6A5184Happy DIY Hair Friday! I hope you are sufficiently full and satisfied. I know I am. To top off your holiday weekend of lazing about and eating and loving on your loved ones, here is a hairstyle from HTHG and NJ. It is a pretty deconstructed dutch braid bun featuring my favorite NJ comb. Here is how to do it.



nicvStart by doing a diagonal dutch braid. Secure the end with an elastic. Deconstruct your braid. Wrap your braid end inward into a loose bun.Tuck the tail in. Now either pin the bun into place with bobbies or use a hair comb to secure the look!

This holiday season, give the gift of beautiful hair. Buy yourself a handmade NJ hair comb from the HTHG shop. Check out this category for more HTHG and NJ hair comb ideas.


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