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ShamPHree Mix and Apply video.

DSC04092I have spent the last 6 months researching and testing the best applicator bottles, funnels, scents, raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Aluminum free Sodium Bicarb, labels, logos, packaging, and general esthetic to put together a Shampoo-free kit and system to sell on HTHG. For those of you who are already ShamPHree and want an upgrade and for those of you who are curious about going ShamPHree but waiting for the whole system to be handed to you in one pretty and easy to use package, you are in the right place!

Today, I give you a look at what is coming soon on HTHG…..A full on Shampoo-free shop with Deluxe ShamPHree kits, essential oil blends, styling products, andl more. HTHG is now your one-stop SHamPHree online shop!

Check out this video to see the ShamPHree kit, how I mix and apply my solutions, and get the feel of the ShamPHree system. It is a long time coming that I update my ShamPHree how-to video. The early days of ShamPHree were messy and experimental. Now, I’ve got it down do a beautiful science;)

I have been so excited hearing from all of you who are jumping on the ShamPHree bandwagon with great success! I fully enjoy your comments and your #shamphree Instagram photos. It is your feedback that inspires me to create. Thank you all for being here and being interested in ShamPHree. IT is a drop in the bucket towards independence and sustainability through beauty, hair and identity. Please share this post and spread the word! XOXOXOX

ShamPHree starter kits and products are now available in the HTHG ShamPHree Shop. Get yours today and Free Your Hair!



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