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#filthandbeauty: The hashtag of my heart and soul.

7U6A76187U6A76727U6A80707U6A8030 I am excited to share with ya’ll today the hashtag of my heart and passion. I love taking pictures. You know this already. Photography makes me feel alive. I like to capture beauty in a moment to have and share. I want to tell stories with photos that pull you in and make you feel a part of it all. Photos connect us all by invoking feelings. There is such power in what we see and how we interpret it.

Please share with me moments of beauty that lie in the contrasts of environment and texture and color and context and light. The beauty of these photos is where I find personal balance in my life and perception. To me, Balance=Beauty. ( I’m a middle child after all:)

With that, I give you #filthandbeauty. Please follow me on Instagram and get a feel for the HTHG esthetic and my personal perception of beauty in hair, people, nature, and contrast. #filthandbeauty #bethefair #shamphree #hthg

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