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How to make a perfect 1960’s beehive.

jronMy pal Jules was headed to Rick Steve’s Mad Men themed holiday party which happened to fall on the day of her 30th birthday. She works for Rick, and I’m glad of it, because she is the best damn travel guide there is. And I know, because she took me on my first abroad travel trip when we were both 19, covering ground from the craggy Scottish highlands to the swankest of Greek Islands to the throbbing pulse of Istanbul.

She asked me if I would do her hair for the party, and I said “yep”

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For inspiration, because I am kinda tired of hearing about Mad Men hair, I used the Ronnette’s beehives as inspiration. Check it out. Nedra, Estelle, and Veronica (AKA Ronnie Specter) Of the Ronette’s had some bangin’, buzzin’ beehives.

IF you haven’t heard the Ronnette’s, check out this song and listen to it while you give yourself a beehive.

First beehive rule of thumb…..Practice up on your Tight ‘n right back combing to get your hair as high as the heavens. As Reagan of HDOF blog says,”back-combing is practically the high heels of hair”
You will need a large barrel curling iron (or a pin-curl set!), several large and small bobby pins, a rat-tail comb, and hairspray.

Here is how to get a fabulous 1960’s beehive.

hivw1. Start by working through dry hair in small sections with a large barrel curling iron. Let the curls cool and set while you mix a cocktail.

2. Work through the entire crown of the head, back-combing small sections of hair Tight ‘n Right! Keep back-combing with a ratting comb until the hair as high as the heavens.

3. Once the base or “rat” has been created, take sections from the front of the base and smooth them back over the top of the rat. Do this with all the hair around the hairline, leaving out one curl in the front. This will be your accent curl;)

4. Gather the ends of the rat and the smoothed sections in the back, and twist it together against the back of the head. Use a large bobby or two to secure the twist.

5. Smooth the sides back and pin them into the twist.

6. Arrange the ends of the twist nicely into pinned curls.

7. Take a section of hair from directly behind each ear and pin them under your twist in the back, this will narrow the hairstyle, which really gives it that 1960’s dod-wop look instead of that 1960’s country look.

8. Pin a couple more curls below your twist.

9. Arrange your front accent curl on one side, and pin it discreetly to your head on one side.

Spray the shit out of all of it.

Now, ladies, please be careful when lighting your Lucky Strikes tonight and BE SURE to stay away from open flames.


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  1. Muna

    Love the beehive with curls hairdo. Do you have a front view photo ? Would be extremely helpful to see what it looks from the front. Thank you!

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