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  1. Valeria

    Well, I’m trying. I swear. My hair is fine and oily, so I have to use a considerable amount of BS to get it clean (two tablespoons in 8 oz of water, but it’s a “considerable amount” for me), but there’s one problem: my scalp is peeling off, it’s like it’s burned! It itches and I look like I’ve a bad case of dandruff.

    I tried reducing the BS after leaving my first attempt for one month to let my scalp regenerate, but it only gets my hair more oily (and my scalp doesn’t collaborate), and when I tried using it only at the middle and ends is just as worse! What do I do?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      You might try adding a bit of ACV into your BS mix to bring up the PH a bit. How often are you doing it? Are you brushing well every day? That part is essential;)

      1. Valeria

        Thank you! I’ll try adding the ACV in the BS mix (I didn’t thought on that!)

        I’ve to wash my hair every day; I tried washing it every two days, but it gets oily (and I got dandruff mixed with greasy hair… not pretty)

        I brush it every day, almost every chance I got; what means at least three times a day, when I’m in classes and got a recess. For all that greasy appearance, it gets easily tangled!

        1. Valeria

          Ok, I dumped everything. BS just made my scalp look like I had some kind of weird fungi.

          So I started to using just water to clean my hair, and surprise! it worked like a charm. It’s still a bit oily, but in the way I’ve seen is supposed to be at 3-4 weeks… and I’m still on week one.

          I’m still surprised, but I guess is different for everyone.

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