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Porch Cuts. A new HTHG series…..Time Machine Man

7U6A98977U6A9917Remember the man in the time machine? He came to visit, hot off a 3 month traveling work stint of fixing huge forged industrial hammers all over the west coast. You can tell that he is a machinist by the look of his insanely cool hands.

7U6A9926He was due for a cut, but first we ate lasagna. He showed the kids his stitches from a recently removed mole, smoked Pall Malls, and looked the part of exactly who he is.

7U6A9908He told stories, lamented, laughed, embibed. Sidenote: In the back of his truck was a recently gifted Schwinn motorbike from the 1940’s that is basically a cruiser bike with a huge motor on it.7U6A9824

I cut his hair into the basic classy man ‘do, which suits him perfectly, and he will surely finish it with his favorite Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade and look quite dapper.


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