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Perfectly Witchy Crimped hair, DIY!

7U6A3821Hey babes. This is a quick ‘How to use a crimper’ tutorial for those of you who want to know how to get this look, as seen on Rain from HTHG’s Month of the Damned shoot.

7U6A3552She started with nice dirty hair, just how I like it. I sprayed in a bit of Masterbraider for some extra texture and grip. Then she plugged in her lean mean Revlon 1 inch Crimper and got to work:)

Her method was to grab a random clump of hair, ( the dirtiness and the Masterbraider really helped clump it up) and clamp the crimper just below the roots for 5 seconds, then again just below the first clamp, working her way down the hair section to the ends, clamping and holding.

crimppShe continued this method all over her head, piece by piece. She didn’t crimp every hair on her head, just the hairs that fell into clumps with other hairs.

crim[pShe clamped the crimper for longer on some clumps than others, so that the texture created by the crimper’s heat was random and varied all throughout her layers.

Once she was done crimping, she did some light back-combing around the crown of her head, then tightly braided a couple small sections of hair around her face, leaving the ends free to unravel. Then starting at the bottom of each braid, she deconstructed them by pulling them apart to widen and rough them up a bit. This added another awesome element of texture into her hair.


I think she completely nailed her look, which was basically ‘light-witch of the Pacific North West’

7U6A5049I hope you enjoyed this little run down……Use it this Halloween if you feel so inclined.

xoxo, HTHG

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  1. Julia

    I love the random pieces of texture and braids as well as the color and the bangs. In the early 80’s Rickie Lee Jones, the Duchess of Coolsville, wore similar small twisted braids in her long wavy hair. I’ve wanted them forever and this has inspired me to give it a try. Thanks for another great tutorial! XO – J

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      you are so welcome:) thanks for the comment and the reminder of how cool Rickie Lee Jones was!!!!

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